Vegan Hats & Gloves

Wooly hats and gloves are a staple in many people’s winter wardrobes, but most don’t realise the unnecessary harm that rearing sheep brings. Sheep are regularly nicked, cut, amputated, and even castrated during the shearing process. If you don’t think that the process of shearing itself is bad, you might want to consider the larger… Continue reading Vegan Hats & Gloves

Vegan Winter Coats

The cold weather certainly feels like it’s on its way, and the high street is stocking up with winter coats. A real challenge when looking for animal free and cruelty free clothes though, is being sure that what you’re buying are truly vegan winter coats.  Many fashion coats you’ll find online and on the high… Continue reading Vegan Winter Coats

Best Vegan Clothing Brands UK

First and foremost, It’sVeganMade is a blog aimed at people looking for stylish, well made clothing. It just so happens that those people are also vegan. One of the biggest challenges for modern vegans, especially those less acquainted living a full plant-based lifestyle, is finding high quality, ethical clothes that fit their personal style. We’re… Continue reading Best Vegan Clothing Brands UK

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