10 Vegan Clothing & Accessory Gift Ideas for Christmas

vegan clothing christmas gifts

Even if you are the only vegan in your family, it’s likely that you’ll still want to buy only cruelty free clothes and accessories for your friends and family this Christmas. Not because you’ve chosen the festive season to quietly indoctrinate everyone you know, but you’ve simply decided to follow a path, and it extends to all areas of your life.

The good news, is that there are so many products marketed as vegan now, that it’s easier than ever to find a gift for everyone. And what’s more, whoever the recipient is they’re unlikely to spot the difference anyway.

Buying clothes for anybody usually presents a challenge because we all have our style and tastes, and you can never be sure you’re choice will hit the mark. But as long as you seek out quality, and don’t buy anything you’d never wear yourself, then you’re likely to please.

Here are ten of our favourite gift ideas this Christmas, predominantly from home grown UK vegan brands. We hope they at least offer some inspiration in case you were at a loss of where to start.


Silver Face with Coral Strap

We love the simplicity of this timepiece from Votch, and the use of coral still looks as fresh as it did a few years ago. The quick release strap is made from vegan friendly leather, which gives a comfortable feel that you just don’t get from a metal chain or tank. It’s the priciest item on our list so make sure you give it to someone super special!


White Stone & Copper – Tote Bag in White with Geometric Pattern

Hetty+Sam are unique because they work in partnership with graphic designers around the world to create their ranges of bags, purses and phone cases. This tote bag features artwork by Swiss artist Elisabeth Fredriksson, and it’s neutral colour palette and simple design mean it will go with most outfits. It’s made from durable vegan leather, and is the perfect size for everyday use.

Noggins and Binkles

Pastel Mint Green Vegan Cork ‘Leather’ Dog Collar With Brass Buckle

Dogs are part of the family, and this is never more apparent than at Christmas time, when most families fill a stocking for their furry friends. Noggins and Binkles create super cute cat and dog accessories that look luxurious, but don’t have the ridiculous price tag of some pet accessories.

We love this dog colour in mint green as it looks extra sophisticated, and is vegan friendly thanks to fact it’s made from cork. It features a smart brass plated buckle with stainless steel pins and springs, that mean it wont freeze up in sub-zero winter temperatures.


Bumble Bee Tote Bag

Willowknd are predominantly a childrenswear vegan brand, with a cute range of baby grows, t-shirts, hats and tote bags. They only use organic cotton, and their unique designs are hand-dyed here in the UK. We love the simplicity of this Bumble Bee tote bag, and can see it coming in handy in the January sales. What’s more, 10% of Willoknd’s profits got to animal sanctuaries and charities in the UK.


Vegan Slim Wallet with Coin Pocket

For men who are transitioning to veganism, or those that already are, replacing some of those leather staples seem challenging. Because we depend on them day in day out, having a reliable, comfortable and stylish wallet in your back pocket can impact your confidence. Cork is the perfect replacement for leather because it’s durable and wears soft over time. It’s also eco friendly as the bark it’s sourced from grows back. Why not consider this smart gift set for your significant other this Christmas?

Care Wears

Vegan Babe Pink Hoodie

Care Wears is bright and brash, and we love their bold style. Their signature vegan babe hoodie is pretty stand out in baby pink, and would make a perfect girly gift for Christmas. It’s made with 80% Oeko-Tex certified cotton & 20% polyester and so is vegan ready. It’s also printed in eco-friendly vegan inks for extra peace of mind.

Luna Tree

Rosalie Ring

Everyone likes receiving jewellery, especially at Christmas, but to make someone feel extra special why not get something that is also ethical. Luna Tree source their jewellery from Thailand, and work with the designers and silversmiths to offer a beautiful range of vegan jewellery. We’ve picked this vegan ring with swirl and feather oxidised pattern, as it would make a perfect stocking filler. Made from fine silver it is handcrafted by the talented Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths using traditional techniques.

East Coast 88’

Be Excellent To Each Other 80’s Crop Top

We can’t be sure whether Bill and Ted are the inspiration for this t-shirt, but their surfer dude ‘Excellent!’ was the first thing that came to mind. It’s made from super soft cotton and printed with water based inks, so you know it has solid vegan credentials. The simple typographic design is really unique, and at £8 would make a great little stocking filler.


Hollycroft Trunk Clutch

There is something really quirky and cool about these little trunk style handbags. Made from cruelty-free, ethical, faux leather, they have a sleek, crocodile look finish. The detachable black shoulder strap, makes this clutch perfect to take from day to night. One of our more expensive gift suggestions, but really good value for what is sure to be a go to handbag for years.

Laura Zabo

Vintage Letter Buckle Bicycle Tire Belt

Upcycling is the new recycling. These smart black belts are made out of used bicycle tires, enhanced with a vintage brass letter buckle. Laura Zabo has a wide range of upcycled belts, but we thought that these with an initial would make a perfect personalised Christmas gift.

Vegan gift shopping at Christmas may seem daunting if it’s your first time, so hopefully these ideas inspire or at least start you in the right direction. You can never be sure that your gifts are going to hit the spot every time, but you can ensure they’re cruelty free.

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