Vegan Calculator

What is this?

We’ve created this simple vegan calculator to give people an easy way of seeing what being vegan means for animals. Day to day, we tend not to reflect on just how many animals are bred into existence for food, or how many are saved from slaughter by people choosing veganism. It can also be surprising to non-vegans to see just how many lives are cut short, simply for their desire to eat meat.

Grab the slider, and move it reflect the number of years you have been a vegan. Watch the numbers grow!

How does it work?

To make this tool as trustworthy as possible, we decided to source the data from the UK Government’s own statistics. However, it is for illustrative purposes only, and can never be totally accurate. Also, because diets vary from country to country, our tool is explicitly representative of a UK diet.

The figures for farm animals slaughtered were taken from the following DEFRA reports: ‘United Kingdom Poultry and Poultry Meat Statistics – August 2016’ (Source); ‘United Kingdom Slaughter Statistics – August 2016’ (Source). The figures for number of fish killed were estimated based on the weight of landed stocks reported also by DEFRA (Source).

Population figures were taken from the Office for National Statistics. We excluded children under 10 because their intake is much lower than adults. We also subtracted the estimated number of vegetarians and vegans. The number for which was taken from the Vegan Society’s own data (Source).

The vegan calculator works by taking the number of animals killed, and divides it the population from the same year, to provide an approximation of the number of animals that would have otherwise been killed for food. What it doesn’t show is the number of animals killed for clothing such as fur and silk, or begin to quantify the suffering of the animals used without slaughter such as ducks and sheep.

Vegan Calculator

We hoped you’ve enjoyed using our vegan calculator. You can find other useful info in our vegan knowledge section, or find out how to shop vegan in our vegan style section of the blog.

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